Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mystery Chocolate Box December 2014 Review

I have recently been wanting to try out more subscription boxes and in my quest for something different I came across a subscription service called Mystery Chocolate Box.
The Cost
You can subscribe to Mystery Chocolate for the following prices:
Monthly- $17.95
3 Months- $50.85
Annual- $191

Ships To
The U.S and Canada

What You Get
Each box contains 3 gourmet mystery chocolate bars, a letter with hints about what each bar might be, instructions on how to do a chocolate box tasting, a card to write down your guesses for each bar, and  a card with nutritional  and allergy info.

This Months Box
 Bar A:
Bar A is described as a candy you might enjoy this time of year, plus a little twist. This bar is from The Madecasse chocolate company (I only know this because its imprinted on the chocolate bar). To me it tastes like dark chocolate with mint flavoring. Kind of like a York's peppermint patty but not exactly.

Bar B: 
The description for bar B says "The spices in this bar might be reminiscent of another sweet holiday treat". This chocolate bar it imprinted with the Theo Chocolate Company logo and like Bar A it tastes like dark chocolate and mint.

Bar C: 
Bar C is described to taste like a hot drink you would enjoy in front of the fire. There is no brand imprint on this bar. I think this bar is milk chocolate and it has little balls of what I assume to be coconut (coconut is listed as an ingredient on the allergy info card).

Is It Worth It?
In my opinion this box is very much worth it. I honestly believe you cant go wrong with chocolate and each bar in this box was absolutely delicious.As a plus,with each box sent out by Mystery Chocolate Box two meals are donated to help fight world hunger. How can you go wrong with getting to try awesome chocolate while helping fight world hunger at the same time? If you're thinking about trying this subscription but your a little skeptical I definitely recommend trying it. I really loved my first Mystery chocolate box