Sunday, December 21, 2014

Munchpak December 2014

After a bit of a delay with shipping (which was totally my fault and was handled very quickly by the guys over at Munchpak) I received my very first Munchpak in the mail a few days ago.

What is Munchpak?

Munchpak is a monthly subscription box service that offers snacks from around the world. You can get and original munchpak with 12+ snacks for $21 plus shipping a month or a family size with 22+ for $39 plus shipping. All snacks are full size. Munchpak currently ships to the USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Monaco, San Marino, Australia, Bangladesh, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong SAR China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Luxembourg, Macau SAR China, Malaysia, Mexico, Micronesia, New Zealand, Palau, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

What was in My Munchpak?
I had 12 snacks in my Munchpak and none of them were things I had never heard of or tried before which I was really happy about.

Cheetos Homeados Bolitas Mas Producto. These are a product of Mexico. To me these tasted kind of like the jalapeno Cheetos that we have here in the U.S but not as hot. I liked them alot.

Dora 3 Croissant with custard cocoa filling. This product originates from Italy. I really liked this but my only complaint is that there was not enough custard filling for me.

Delicje Cherry Flavored Biscuits.  This is a product of Europe. It is a soft biscuit with cherry flavored jelly covered with a layer of chocolate. These were also really good.

Bronhi Original Toffee with herb extracts. This is a product of Croatia. It is a soft candy mad with toffee and herbs. I personally didn't like it but my mom and aunt did so they didn't go to waste.

Pure sour and fruity gummy candy in the flavor grape. This is a product of Japan. They were just ther right combination of sour and sweet.

Nestle Lion bar. I'm not sure where his is from. It is a peanut butter wafer covered in caramel then covered by crisp cereal and chocolate. I really liked this as well.

A Guava roll. I'm not sure where this is from either. It is a gummy roll which I assume is guava flavored. I was not a fan of this at all but it wasn't the worst thing in my Munchpak.

Animal Kingdom chocolate bar. This is another product of Croatia. It just a simple chocolate bar but it was really good.

Solen Crazy Extra bar. This product is made in Turkey. It is a milk chocolate coated wafer with crispy rice. I think this was my favorite thing in my Munchpak.

e. frutti Gummi Pizza. I think this is a German product. It was just small gummy pizza slices. I liked it.

BubuLubu candy bar. This is a product of Mexico. It is strawberry flavored jelly and marshmallow covered in chocolate. This was very tasty too.

Some kind of Japanese rice crackers. I didn't get a picture of these because once I tasted one I immediately threw them away. I did not like these at all. They were worst than the guava roll.

And finally we have an unmarked gummy bear. It was also good.

Was it Worth it?
Overall I liked my first Munchpak. It had a wide variety of snacks and the fact that non of them were from the U.S was a big plus to me. Even with the two snacks that I did not like, I enjoyed my first Munchpak and I plan on continuing  my subscription.