Tuesday, June 30, 2015

599Fashion.com Review

The lovely people over at 599fashion.com were nice enough to send me some items from their wesite for me to review. 599fashion.com is a website that offers clothes for men, women, and kids. The even have a plus size section! 599fashion.com also offers accessories, shoes, beauty products, and jewelry. This company buys items directly from the manufacturer so that customers can get the items at a very discounted price. The company let me pick what items I wanted to try which was awesome, so lets get into the items I picked.

What I got

My items 599fashion.com came in a standard white mailing bag:

The items inside were in a plastic bag and each separate item was in its own plastic bag.

The first item I received was this Plus Size Short Sleeve Tribal Print Mini Dress
The second item were these Plus Size Printed Slim Fit Pants

The third item was this this Gold Four Row Chain and Mixed Bead Necklace Set

The fourth item was this set of 3 Waterproof Auto Eyeliners in Brown

My Overall Thoughts 

I was very happy with all the items I received and the customer service. Initially, I chose 5 items but the shirt I chose ended up selling out. I received an email stating that the item was sold out and given the choice to either pick a new item or let the order ship as is. Since one of my items was sold out my order was upgraded to priority shipping and I received a code for 5% off my next order which I think was super awesome!The clothing items are a very nice quality and they don't feel cheap at all. They fit me well but I did order everything one size up to be safe and i'm glad I did otherwise the items wouldn't have fit me right. The necklace is also a good quality . It doesn't feel like it could snap at any moment. When ordering clothing items from this site I do have a few tips. Number one, if you see something you like and want to order you should get it quickly because things tend to sell out fast. Number 2, order a size up. Like I said earlier I ordered my clothing items a size up to make sure they fit and I was happy I did because everything fit just right. 599fashion.com definatly gets a thumbs up from me. If your looking for cheap clothing online, 599fashion.com is just the palce for you.

* I recieved these items for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, May 1, 2015

#WipeforWater: Influenster Neutrogena Naturals VoxBox

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Neutrogena Naturals VoxBox from influenster. In this VoxBox was the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Wipes. Per Neutrogena's website you can get a pack of 7 for $3.24 or a pack of 25 for $7.49. You can buy these wipe for Neutrogena's website here or anywhere Neutrogena products are sold. Here's some info about these wipes directly from Neutrogena's website:

"These ultra-soft wipes are clinically proven to completely remove dirt, oil and makeup, targeting even the most stubborn long-wearing and waterproof makeup. Skin is left purified, fresh and healthy-looking with no greasy residue, so there’s no need to rinse.

Made from naturally-derived fibers that come from sustainably-managed forests."

Neutrogena has also launched a campaign called #WipeforWater. Here's some information about this campaign:

"This Earth Month, Neutrogena® Naturals is partnering with The Nature Conservancy to save water. Take the #WipeforWater challenge and pledge to clean your face without using water — and only using Neutrogena® Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes — for 3 days! Then, get sharing about your Neutrogena® wipes with your social networks! For each pledge, Neutrogena® Naturals will contribute $1 to The Nature Conservancy to support water conservation, up to $50,000."

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed these wipes. They were not too wet nor to dry, they were moistened just right, I was able to remove all my makeup with just one wipe. The wipes did not dry my face out at all and the wipes themselves are soft but not so soft that they feel like they would rip on you. My face tends to be very sensitive to certain products and I did not experience and adverse reactions while using this product so I think that they would be really good for sensitive skin. The fact this product is not testes on animals and is 97% naturally derived is a big plus for me. Overall I think that this is a good product for the price and I will be purchasing them for myself.

*I recieved this product for review for influenster but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Eu Natural Vibrance Pure Hair Vitamin's Review and Coupon

I was lucky enough to to get to try some hair vitamins from a company that I have never heard of before. The company is Eu Natural and they specialize in beauty and hair supplements, vitamins, and herbal solutions. Their products are made in the USA following strict cGMP standards. You can find more info about the company and these vitamins here.

My Results
There's not really much to say about these pills except that they really worked. It is recommended that use these pills for 3 months for the best results but after only one month I experienced a significant amount of hair growth. 

You can purchase the pills on Amazon and to get an extra bottle for free with an order of Vibrance Hair Vitamins using code BBVRB1G1 at checkout.

*I received this product free for review but all thoughts are my own.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pura d'or Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Review

The lovely people over at Pura d'or were nice enough to send me some Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner as well as some stand alone argon oil. If you have never heard of Pura d'or, they are a company that makes organic beauty and skin products  with  high quality ingredients. 
All of there products are free from SLS, parabens and gluten. They  are animal cruelty free, USDA Organic, and USDA Certified Bio-based. 

About the Products
Like I mentioned earlier I was sent the Argan Oil Shampoo and Argon Oil Conditioner in Lavender Vanilla.I was also sent some pure Argan Oil. The shampoo is suppose to help prevent hair loss. The shampoo has 12 advanced DHT blockers to stop premature hair loss. It can be used for thinning hair, receding hair lines and excessive shedding. It is also supposed to add body, increase volume, and thicken hair. It can be used on all hair types including color treated hair. The conditioner is supposed to enhance shine, manageability, and control. I also really like the lavender vanilla scent. Both the shampoo and conditioner come in 16 fl.oz pump bottles. The Pure and Organic stand alone Argan Oil is good for skin and hair. It's 100% cold pressed and when use don skin it is supposed to  help create smoother skin, restores nutrients to cells ,and reduces scars. 

My Results

I was happy to try this product because is is supposed to help stop excessive shedding, which is something I suffer from, I used the shampoo, conditioner, and Argan oil for 3 of my weekly hair washes. 
This is how much hair is left in my comb after shampooing and conditioning with my regular products

This is how much hair was in my comb after my 1st wash with the Pura d'or Argan Oil Shampoo &  Conditioner

After my 2nd wash with the Pura d'or Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
After my 3rd wash with Pura d'or Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

I experienced a significant reduction in the amount of hair that I shed after washing when using this product. I didn't try the stand alone Argan oil on my skin but I did use it in my hair. The stand alone Argan Oil did a good job at keeping the moisture that the Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner added to my hair. 

The shampoo gave me a very rich lather but I would suggest that if you have thicker hair you was your hair with this shampoo in sections in order to get the best lather. The conditioner was thick and creamy just like I like it and it smelled incredible. I give these products a 10/10! If you want to know more information about Pura d'or products you can visit their website here.

*I received these products for free to review but all opinions are my own.

InstaNatural Scar Gel Review

Up for review today is Instanatural's Scar Gel. This product is supposed to remove old and new scars. 

About The Product

This product contains a potent blend of ingredients designed to help diminish the appearance of scars both old and new. The company says that with this product "Your skin will be unconditionally moisturized as the visibility of scars are reduced, resulting a healthier, more uniform appearance".

Key Ingredients:

+ Epidermal Growth Factor- a naturally occurring protein – which stimulates the healing process

+ Sea Kelp Bio-ferment-fortify the skin with antioxidants to minimize external damage

+ Fucoxanthin--fortify the skin with antioxidants to minimize external damage

+ Astaxanthin--fortify the skin with antioxidants to minimize external damage

+ Green Tea--fortify the skin with antioxidants to minimize external damage

+ Gotu Kola-aids in restoring healthy skin

My Results

When I received this product I had no new scars, only really old acne scars. I figured that that would be perfect since I think that it is harder to get rid of old scars.I also enlisted the help of my mom. She had surgery on her shoulder in April 2014 and she has 3 dark incision marks. I figured that that would be perfect since I feel like older scars are harder to get rid of.

Mom's Scars Before Mom's Scars After
One of My Scars Before

Same Scar After

I also had before and after  pictures of the acne scars on my cheeks but they some how got erased. Since the bottle is a bit small and the instructions state to use the product twice a day me and my mom ran out of the scar gel pretty quickly. I'm not sure that it translates well in the pictures but this product did a very good job of fading our scars. I believe that our scar would be completely gone if we had not run out of product. My only complaint is that you only get 1 oz for $34.75 but since it works I don't think that's to  bad a price.You can find out more information and purchase the product from the InstaNatural website here or through Amazon here.

*I recieved this product free for review but all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Paula Dorf Perfect Color Review & Coupon Code & Giveaway


I was chosen to try Paula Dorf's Perfect Color. This product is a multi functional makeup product. It can be used as an eye shadow, a lipstick, and as blush. This product comes in 5 colors: Angle, Candy Apple, Ecstasy, Innocence, and Sensuous. You can check out Paula Dorf's perfect color shades here.

Here's a swatch of of the product in the shade Ecstasy.
The consistency of this is very similar to Maybelline's color tattoo eye shadow but the perfect color is creamier. I found that if you chose to use this as a lipstick you need to apply it with a lip brush. Also if this product is used as a lipstick, I think it looks better under a gloss versus by it self. As an eye shadow i feel like it the Perfect Color look and works better with a primer. 

Overall I think that this is a good product and since it can be used as a blush, lipstick, and eye shadow makes the $32 price tag not so bad. 

With each purchase, you will receive the gift of our mini No Color Glimmer, a gorgeously soft, lightweight powder to complete your look! The perfect accent to Ecstasy.USE CODE: ECSTASY

Paula Dorf is giving away a makeup kit full of some of our favorite products! Enter for a chance to win this Paula Dorf makeup kit ($125 value) here: https://promosimple.com/ps/66b5 or using the widget below
*I received this product for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Francois et Mimi 20 Oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

Today for review we have these two stainless steel 20 oz water bottles from a company called Francois et Mimi. This company specializes in home and kitchen products.

About The Bottles
These bottles are 20 ounces and feature a fully stainless steel interior. Both bottles come with a flip top straw and the bottles are BPA free. This means that the bottles do not contain  bisphenol A which is a chemical that can have possible effects on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. 

What I Think About the Bottles
Overall I really like these bottles. The come in a set of 2 and that's a plus, I filled the bottle with water and left it in the fridge overnight and the next day my water stayed cold for about six hours without any ice. That's something no other water bottle has done for me. There was also no metal taste that I find with some stainless steel products that I have used. My only problem with these bottles is the fact that the built in straw is not long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle so in order for me to get all my water I have to remove the top.  I give this product a 4/5. You can purchase these bottles for $19.95 here.

*I received this product for review purposes but all thoughts are my own.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hyperbotics Pro-Dental Oral Health Tablet's Review

I'm back with another great product from the HyperBiotics team. This time I was lucky enough to get to try their Pro-Dental probiotics for oral health. This product is being marketed as "a brand new concept in the probiotic world as it focuses on repopulating your oral and nasal cavities".

The Claim
As I stated these pill are focused on promoting Oral Health.  Not only are these pills supposed to promote oral health, they are supposed to promote ear, nose, and throat health as well. Here is a list of all the thing's these pills are suppose to do directly from the company:

Revolutionize Your Dental Check-Ups. "The probiotic S. Salvarius M18 produces an enzyme that helps dissolve and loosen the formation of plaque and bio-film that eventually leads to cavities, staining, tooth sensitivities and gum disease (specifically gingivitis) which can turn into periodontal disease if not treated. Studies show that a special 2% of the population rarely experience plaque or tooth decay (that leads to the domino effect of dental problems) with the only differentiating factor being that they have sufficient S. Salvarius M18 colonies."

Target Bad breath At The Source." Did you know that when you use mouthwash to prevent bad breath, you kill both the good and bad bacteria? And, did you know that it’s the good bacteria’s job to keep the bad breath causing bacteria in check? In fact, S. salivarius is often found in healthy mouths and is deficient in halitosis sufferers. This means that the best long-term solution to eradicating bad breath is to repopulate your oral cavities with the “good guys” found in PRO-Dental."

Repopulate Your Oral Microbiome. "You might be familiar with your “gut microbiome”, but did you know that different probiotic strains populate your oral cavities? Your mouth is your first line of defense and the entry point for most infections. When your balance of healthy oral microflora is compromised by diet, disease, stress or antibiotics, you can quickly develop oral health related problems. With PRO-Dental, you can finally keep this often forgotten microbiome in optimal shape!

Alleviate Your Oral Issues. PRO-Dental is uniquely formulated with the most effective and clinically proven oral probiotic strains ((including S. salvirus K12, S. salvirus M18, L. reuteri, L. paracasei) to repopulate your oral cavity, helping to break-up plaque and malodor causing bacteria, reduce oral health challenges such as cavities, teeth-staining, tongue-coating, gingivitis, tonsil stones, canker sores and protect against ear, nose and throat infections."

Guard Against Ear, Nose, And Throat Infections." Upper respiratory and ear infections are caused by a buildup of bad bacteria that travels throughout your oral cavities. When your oral microbiome is populated with strong probiotic colonies, you are equipped with natural defenses against these nasty invaders. In fact, studies show that children with S. salivarius K12 have a 50 percent less chance of harboring strep throat bacteria and may experience fewer ear infections."

More information about these pills and and about the company can be found here.

Directions for Taking The Pills
The instructions for taking these pills are as follows:
 For Daily Maintenance: Take one tablet once or twice per day. Preferably after brushing your teeth and/or using mouthwash.
For Intense Repair: Take 2-3 tablets once or twice per day. Preferably after brushing your teeth and/or using mouthwash.

The bottle contains 45 tablets so if you are using them for twice a day for  daily maintenance, you will have a 22 day supply.

My Experience with the Pills
I truly wanted to test these pills only because they are supposed to help fight bad breath and bad breath is something I have been struggling with for years. When I first started taking the pills I took them following the intense repair directions, taking 2 tablets twice a day. I did this for four days, brushing my teeth and using mouthwash before each time I took the pills. In those four days I noticed that throughout the day, my breath was not losing freshness and I didn't feel the need to pop a mint every 20 minutes. After those four days I started following the daily maintenance directions. I did this for 2 weeks and noticed that my breath is staying much fresher during the day and my morning breath is 10 times better than what it use to be. I can't really speak n how these pills work for ear, nose, and throat infections because those are problems that I don't suffer from and like I said I wanted to try these pills because of their bad breath fighting abilities. As a means of helping fight bad breath these pills get a 10/10 from me.

If you would like to try these pills for yourself, the can be purchased here.

*I received this product for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Cravory Cookie of the Month January Box

Today I want to talk about a cookie subscription box. The Cravory is a cookie company based out of California that was founded in 2009. You can read more about their story here. The Cravory is not just a subscription service. You can order cookies from them whenever you want. You can check out what cookies the have to offer here.

You can get a teaser box which is $9.00 a month plus shipping. This box contains 6 cookies. This is the box I went with. My total for this box was $16. You can also get a One Dozen Box for $19.00 a month plus shipping. The one dozen box includes 2 of whatever flavors are being showcased for the month. There are other prepaid subscription options that you can find right here.

The January Flavors
Like I said earlier I chose to try the teaser box with the 6 new flavors of the month.
First up we have Coco for Lime. This cookie is made with toasted coconut dough and has key lime  A'Peels and toasted coconut as mix-ins, The cookie is finished with a white chocolate drizzle. 

Next we have PB Smoreo. This cookie is made with peanut butter dough and has Oreo's, milk chocolate chunks and marshmallows as mix-ins.

Then we have Walnut Winter. This cookie is made with cinnamon cake dough and has candied walnuts, vanilla A'Peels and a coating of powdered sugar. 

The fourth cookie in January's box is Toffee Chocolate Bar.This cookie has a shortbread dough with a dark chocolate swirl. The cookie has a milk chocolate shell and is dusted with toffee bits.

Cookie number 5 is Hot Cocoa. This cookie is made with milk chocolate dough and has milk chocolate chunks and brûléed marshmallows in the center.

The final cookie in the box was Bourbon & Chocolate. This cookie has a Kentucky Bourbon dough with dark chocolate shavings mixed in.

My Thoughts on the Box
Overall I was very happy with this box. I was so happy that I went back to purchase a dozen of the PB Smoroe's and found that I could purchase a dozen of the January flavors for $24. All of these cookies were delicious. The cookies were very fresh and unbroken, and I received my teaser box only  2 days after I ordered. I love cookies so this box was totally worth it to me! For $9 plus shipping I think its totally worth it to try the teaser box and see if The Cravory's monthly flavors is the subscription for you.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Influenster Covergirl #gobloom Voxbox Review

It has been a long tome since I received anything from Influenster so I was very happy to be picked for the Covergirl #gobloom Voxbox. The box included Covergirl's Full Lash Bloom mascara. This mascara has a retail value of about $7.99 but it varies at different locations. The promise of this mascara is to give you exceptionally full lashes that are soft to the touch.

As you can see from my before and after picture my lashes are much fuller and this is just one coat of mascara. My lashes are not clumped together and they are not hard at all. The drying time was really quick and the product did not smudge during the day when I rubbed my eyes. Another great thing about this product was that I did not have any flaking, Overall I really enjoyed this mascara and at only $7.99 I think its worth giving it a try and seeing if you like the results!

I received this product from testing purposes from Influenster

Greenforce Labs’ NO2 Pre-Workout Supplements

When I received the chance to try these pills through the BrandBacker program I was very happy to try them. These pre-workout pills by Greenforce labs are supposed to help you get the most out of your workout by giving you intense energy and focus as well as maximizing your performance while increasing endurance. These pills include Vitamin B-3, Vitamin B-12, Caffeine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithin, L-Citrulline, and Beet Root Extract. L Arginine, L Ornithine, and L Citrulline have been shown to increase nitric oxide levels, support muscular energy, and delay fatigue. The Beet Root Extract enhances exercise performance and reduce fatigue while Niacinamide and Caffeine boost your energy levels to the max.

The energy that I got from these pills were great. I was able to exercise for a longer period of time. The pills did also help fight muscle fatigue. I was worried about having an energy crash because these pills do contain caffeine but I did not experience any of that. I'm not sure so much about the pills increasing my focus but overall these are great pills to take when your working out. You can find out more information about Greenforce Labs and their products here.

I received this product courtesy of the Brandbacker Program.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula Tablets

Today I want to talk to you all about HyperBiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune tablets. These tablets are designed to address immune function on multiple levels and  promote whole-body wellness. These tablets combine Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea and EpiCore (an immune system strengthener) with 5 Broad Spectrum Probiotic Strains. These pills offer targeted probiotic support so if you are taking a probiotic supplement they will be a great addition to help strengthen your probiotic regimen.

I have been taking these pills for a week in conjunction with the Hyperbiotics Pro- 15 probiotics. I started taking the Pro-15 tablets before I started taking the Pro-Immune tablets. When I started taking both the pills together I noticed that I had better bowel movements when I took the pills together versus only taking the probiotic. The Pro-Immune pills are supposed to help "keep you well" so I would assume that they would help keep you from catching colds. That has not been true for me because I have been taking them everyday and I have still caught a cold. It is recommend that you increase your dose of the Pro-Immune pills to 3-4 tablets daily if you feel that you have an illness coming on. I plan on doing that to see if it helps.

I'm not sure if these pills work for immune system support when it comes to illness but they do work well as a support system for probiotics. If you want to find out more info about these tablets you can use this link. They can be purchased from Amazon here.

I received this product courtesy of the Brandbacker Program.