Monday, September 8, 2014

Product Review: Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel

Last week I was sent a whole bottle of Skintimate Mandarin Burst Shave Gel from Crowdtap to test out. Crowdtap is a website where you can connect to certain brands and do quickhints and challenges to earn points. Points you earn for each brand move you up to a higher level with that brand and the higher your level the better your chances to be chosen to receive free products so that you can host an in home party. Your points within a certain brand also qualify you to win prizes. Ever 100 points equals 1 prize entry drawing.

Now that I've explained what crowd tap is here is a review of the shave gel I was sent. The mandarin burst shave gel smelled really awesome. It is by far the best smelling shave gel I have ever used. On the can it says that the gel is moisturizing/hydrating and after using it I can say that this statement is very true. The shave gel did leave my legs very smooth as well as hydrated. The shave gel includes Vitamin E and Olive butter which I think contributes to the hydration and moisturizing. Overall this product gets an A+ from me and I will be buying it in the future!