Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Cravory Cookie of the Month January Box

Today I want to talk about a cookie subscription box. The Cravory is a cookie company based out of California that was founded in 2009. You can read more about their story here. The Cravory is not just a subscription service. You can order cookies from them whenever you want. You can check out what cookies the have to offer here.

You can get a teaser box which is $9.00 a month plus shipping. This box contains 6 cookies. This is the box I went with. My total for this box was $16. You can also get a One Dozen Box for $19.00 a month plus shipping. The one dozen box includes 2 of whatever flavors are being showcased for the month. There are other prepaid subscription options that you can find right here.

The January Flavors
Like I said earlier I chose to try the teaser box with the 6 new flavors of the month.
First up we have Coco for Lime. This cookie is made with toasted coconut dough and has key lime  A'Peels and toasted coconut as mix-ins, The cookie is finished with a white chocolate drizzle. 

Next we have PB Smoreo. This cookie is made with peanut butter dough and has Oreo's, milk chocolate chunks and marshmallows as mix-ins.

Then we have Walnut Winter. This cookie is made with cinnamon cake dough and has candied walnuts, vanilla A'Peels and a coating of powdered sugar. 

The fourth cookie in January's box is Toffee Chocolate Bar.This cookie has a shortbread dough with a dark chocolate swirl. The cookie has a milk chocolate shell and is dusted with toffee bits.

Cookie number 5 is Hot Cocoa. This cookie is made with milk chocolate dough and has milk chocolate chunks and brûléed marshmallows in the center.

The final cookie in the box was Bourbon & Chocolate. This cookie has a Kentucky Bourbon dough with dark chocolate shavings mixed in.

My Thoughts on the Box
Overall I was very happy with this box. I was so happy that I went back to purchase a dozen of the PB Smoroe's and found that I could purchase a dozen of the January flavors for $24. All of these cookies were delicious. The cookies were very fresh and unbroken, and I received my teaser box only  2 days after I ordered. I love cookies so this box was totally worth it to me! For $9 plus shipping I think its totally worth it to try the teaser box and see if The Cravory's monthly flavors is the subscription for you.