Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Greenforce Labs’ NO2 Pre-Workout Supplements

When I received the chance to try these pills through the BrandBacker program I was very happy to try them. These pre-workout pills by Greenforce labs are supposed to help you get the most out of your workout by giving you intense energy and focus as well as maximizing your performance while increasing endurance. These pills include Vitamin B-3, Vitamin B-12, Caffeine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithin, L-Citrulline, and Beet Root Extract. L Arginine, L Ornithine, and L Citrulline have been shown to increase nitric oxide levels, support muscular energy, and delay fatigue. The Beet Root Extract enhances exercise performance and reduce fatigue while Niacinamide and Caffeine boost your energy levels to the max.

The energy that I got from these pills were great. I was able to exercise for a longer period of time. The pills did also help fight muscle fatigue. I was worried about having an energy crash because these pills do contain caffeine but I did not experience any of that. I'm not sure so much about the pills increasing my focus but overall these are great pills to take when your working out. You can find out more information about Greenforce Labs and their products here.

I received this product courtesy of the Brandbacker Program.